Many hours are spent cleaning and repairing (when necessary) items for The Curious Phoenix shelves. However, in addition to that are the many hours, days, and even weeks of research that are put into those same items.

Having trained as an archaeologist, I have a deep respect for the history of all items and the importance of careful preservation and restoration. My training as a journalist has helped in knowing what questions to ask, who to turn to for answers, and where to delve nose first into the dusty stacks of history.

But the answers are not always willing to be found, and sometimes there is simply limited information I have on any one item.  (Rest assured, however, even if an item has been listed, I am still keeping an ear to the ground for any more whispers of information that might be gathered.)

Some items sit on the shelves around my workbench, waiting for me to discover their history before I will list them. There are times I really wish they could talk and share their provenience.

All information I have on an item is stated within the listing. If no age or date of manufacture is listed, then it is unknown to me.