Reddy Kilowatt, The Mighty Atom, Pin

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Reddy Kilowatt, The Mighty Atom, Pin


Reddy Kilowatt Pin, vintage 1955. Reddy "worked" for the electric company and promoted the usefulness and value of electricity. Free shipping.

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Created at the Alabama Power Company by Ashton B. Collins, Sr., Reddy Kilowatt made his debut on March 11, 1926. His career took off quickly with 300 foreign and domestic electric companies hiring him to promote their product. He won over Walter Lanz and thus was featured in a movie and a comic book in 1947.

The Northern States Power Company bought Reddy in 1998, and then created the Reddy Kilowatt Corp. to manage his use and career. Soon Reddy gained a brother, Reddy Flame, who promoted natural gas.

Vintage Reddy Kilowatt Pin

**5/8 inch wide, 1 inch tall**

**Gold and red**

**Note the differences between various Reddy pins. This one has boot tops with one roll, his nose is in line with his thumb, his fingers are better defined, and the jig and jags of his arms and legs differ. Also, compare the ears and eyes among various pins**

**In great condition, has a small amount of tarnish on the back, pin back is solidly attached**

**Stamped on the back of one leg "T.M. Reg." and on the other leg is "U.S. 0-94261"**

**Made in 1955**

Reddy's poem:

I'm a Busy Little Atom,
I split myself in two
And multiply as many times
As I have jobs to do!

I'll work for you for pennies,
I'm fast, efficient, steady...

So any ease your work -
Just "plug in," folks -- I'm Reddy!

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