Disney 101 Dalmatians Spin for Spots Game, Incomplete

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Disney 101 Dalmatians Spin for Spots Game, Incomplete


Here a spot, there a spot, everywhere a spotty spot! Four of the 101 Dalmatian puppies have lost their spots and you can help them get them back by playing Spin for Spots ...

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Instructions are simple: Players spin the spinner to determine which size spot they can add to their puppies, land on the silhouette of Cruella De Vil with a puppy and lose a turn! The instruction book is not included.

This game has lots of wear, the puppies have creases and one of the stands is missing its holding clips (although game is just as easily played without the stands, just lay the puppies down). There are lots of reusable spots included, but it is likely that some are missing.

This game is not complete, but could be used to complete, another game, or use the pieces for an art/craft project.

Tip: If spots don't stick, wash with warm water and dry with lint-free towel.

101 Dalmatians Spin for Spots Game

**Help Lucky, Dipstick, Two-Tone, and Jewel get their spots!**

**A well-loved, well-played game with lots of wear but still very playable**

**Original box is included, still solid with good corners, some wear and tear**

**This game has small parts and is considered a choking hazard.**

**2 to 4 players**



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