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Ashtrays, Lighters, Warmers, & Candlesticks
Candleholders Enamel Clad Copper Blue, Red
Abingdon Double Holder Gilded Candlesticks, Porcelain, U.S.A.
Anna West Candlesticks Candlestick and Dresser Pin Dish
Bird Flower Ashtray Ash Tray Pin Dish Japan Wreath and Shamrock
Camel Cigarette Pack Lighter, Vintage
Clear Pressed Glass Candlesticks, One Pair
CXP Russia Lacquerware Candlestick, Candlesticks
Daisy Flower Shallow Bowl, Dish, Ashtray Stangl Gold and Aqua, Ash Tray
Haeger Classic Sculpted Lion Head Ashtray Ash Tray Bowl Dish
Lallier-Moustiers Ashtray Ash Tray w Trademark Bird, Mint, Rare
Princess House Lead Crystal Candleholders
Railroad Double Ashtray Ash Tray, Verbano Porceilana Di Laveno, Italy
Ronson Mastercase Lighter, Cigarette Case, Instructions, Refillable
Short Candle Holder, Green Flower, Sixties, Seventies Vintage
Stangl Ashtray, Ash Tray, Antique Gold, 1954
Teal Dripware Dish, Ashtray Ash Tray, Blue Mountain Pottery, Canada
Thomas Marktredwitz Germany Ashtray, Hammer Seit 1861
Vintage Clear Bubble Glass Candlesticks
Water Lily Ashtray w Bright Gold Accents, Pink Flowers
Yellow Leaf Ashtray Ash Tray, Treasure Craft, California, 1962