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Wall Hangings, Lithographs
Autumn Bouquet, Victorian Reproduction Lithograph, Framed
December Bouquet, Furber, Victorian Repro Lithograph, Framed
February Bouquet, Furber, Victorian Repro Lithograph, Framed
Spring Bouquet, Victorian Reproduction Lithograph, Framed
Summer Bouquet, Victorian Reproduction Lithograph, Framed
Winter Bouquet, Victorian Reproduction Lithograph, Framed
1963 George Buckett Litho Bunny, Rabbit, Mouse, Ladybug Lithograph, Framed
Autumn in the Tetons by Robert Wood, DAC Lithograph, USA
Avocet Bird, Original Lithograph, Morris, Victorius 1865
Boats in Harbor, Martin, DAC Lithograph, USA
Brass Butterfly Framed Horse Picture, England, Vintage
Copper Pitcher Still Life w Grapes, Robert Chailloux Lithograph, USA
Currier & Ives, Mount Washington, Framed 1963 Calendar Page
Currier & Ives, The Skating Carnival, Framed 1963 Calendar Page
Dark Haired Beautiful Woman Lithograph, Vintage, Framed
Decorative Wall Hanging Tin Tray, Oriental Style, Daher, England
Four Sailing Ships in a Stormy Sea Lithograph, 1967 USA
Full and Bye, Drake, 1967 Encore Art Prints, Lithograph, USA
Gathering Autumn Leaves by Homer, DAC Lithograph, USA
George Stubbs Horse Painting Print, Framed
John Paul Jones, Navy Photo of Original Painting
Juggling Children Clowns Lithograph, Lee, USA
Lighthouse w Keepers House, by Jas F Murray, 1948, Lith O Sketch, USA
Lithograph Salzburg Germany, Framed
Majestic Peaks Mountain, Wilderness Scene, Robert Wood Lithograph, USA
Mother Love by A. Gentilini, DAC Lithograph, USA
Paris by S. Lesaout, Lithograph, USA
Praying Child and Bunny w Puppy, Bukac Lithograph, DAC, USA
Red Necked Phalarope Orig Lithograph, Morris, Victorius 1865
Red Watermill w Children, Child, Detlefsen Lithograph
Roadside Dwellings by Robert Spencer, DAC Lithograph, USA
Sailboats Boats Boat at Dock, by Jas F Murray, 1951, Lith O Sketch, USA
Su Etem Pouting Boy with Teddy Bear Framed Print
Swan Lake by Jean Marie, Lithograph, USA
Teapot Still Life w Strawberries, Robert Chailloux Lithograph, USA
Victorian Lady in Pink Tiered Dress, Turner Print Lithograph
Victorian Lady in Pink Yellow Dress, Turner Print Lithograph
Watermill Wired Roof, Hobbema Lithograph