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Dollhouse, Dollhouse Furniture
Dollhouse Bathroom Fixtures, Plastic, Vintage
Dollhouse Bathroom Sink, Plastic, Vintage
Dollhouse Blue Dresser, Plastic, Vintage
Dollhouse Brass Lamp, Miniature Lamp
Dollhouse Brass Lantern, Miniature
Dollhouse Brass Mod Desk Lamp, Miniature
Dollhouse Brass Punch Bowl w Cups, Miniature
Dollhouse Brass Trophy, Miniature
Dollhouse Brass Victrola Record Player, Miniature
Dollhouse Candlestick, Miniature, Pewter
Dollhouse Dresser, Plastic, Superior, Vintage
Dollhouse Dresser, Working Drawers, Renewal, Made in USA
Dollhouse Flip Top Table, Stool, Wood
Dollhouse Gone With the Wind Lamp, Tables
Dollhouse Harp and Stool, Wood, Red Velvet
Dollhouse Potted Plant
Dollhouse Rocking Chair, Rug, Fireplace Tools
Dollhouse Sofa, TV, Record Player, Plastic, Vintage
Dollhouse Table and Chairs, Red Plastic, Vintage
Dollhouse Yellow Appliance Table, Plastic, Vintage
Dollhouse Yellow Chair, Plastic, Vintage