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Fantasy Fairy, Elf, Dwarf, Pixie, Dragon
Depose Not-So-Innocent Dwarf Gnome Elf Figurine, Italy
Elf Pixie Figurine, 3 Inches, Japan Japanese
Elf Pixie Lounging in Red Suit, Porcelain, Japan
Fairy Dust in Three Shaped Bottles, Pink, Gold, Green and White
Fairy Dust, Green, w Fairy
Fairy Dust, in Three Shaped Bottles, Silver Gold Blue
Fairy Dust, Pink, w Fairy, Heart Shaped Bottle
Fairy Dust, Silver, w Fairy
Fairy Pink Roses Trinket Box, Jewelry Box, Tooth Fairy
Gnome Dwarf Elf w Musical Instrument, Japan Japanese
Heart Shaped Fairy Trinket Box with Flowers, Vines
Holland Mold Elf, Pixie Figurine Relaxing
New Purple and Blue Flower Fairy Picture Photo Frame
Pixie Fairy on Blue Flower with Gold, Vintage
Pixie Fairy on Flower Bouquet w Gold, Charming Vintage
Pixie Gnome Dwarf Elf, California
Pixie on Leaf, Gnome Dwarf Elf Bowl, Dish, California
Pixie, Elf on a Barrel Toothpick Holder, Nova Scotia
Poseable Vintage Cloth Elf Doll w Brown Hair, Faded Hat
Red Dwarf, Elf, Gnome Plastic Doll, Ornament Vintage
Saxophone Playing Gnome Dwarf Elf, Japan Japanese
Treasure Craft Wishing Well Wall Pocket, Pixie Planter, Elf California